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Name: One Man Drinking Games
Artist: Mayday Parade
Album: Tales Told by Dead Friends
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this time we’ve spent together is meant to last us quite a while

So let’s drink to memories we shared
Down one for all the hopes and cares
Here’s two for being unaware that you’re gone
Because before too long you’ll be a memory

Mayday Parade/One Man Drinking Games

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Sakura [and ume] by (by Vincent Chen) | original

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Please could you take some time out to read this?

This wonderful, handsome, young boy’s name is Josef. 

In 2012 Josef (aged 15) was diagnosed with cavernomas. Cavernomas are described, by professionals, as clusters of blood vessels (that look like blackberries), they’re really quite dangerous and life-changing.

A few years ago Joe developed a bunch of awful headaches and migraines, he’d have them every day and be in a lot of pain. He’d go dizzy a lot and be very tired. The doctors didn’t look further into this.

In 2012 he had numerous major seizures that left him in an induced coma, to be later diagnosed with Cavernomas. 

Joe has 14 cavernomas on his brain.

Joe is currently on medication but his seizures still continue to this day, some worse than others. If the seizures worsened, the blood vessels in his brain could burst. Which would be extremely life-threatening.

This condition and it’s symptoms are extremely rare, estimated to occur in 1 in 400,000 people in the UK alone. 

The past 2 years have been a tough journey for Joe, his family and his friends, with his current and future plans having to change dramatically.. he can’t be alone, he can’t go out alone as his seizures could occur at any time.

I’m running the 5k color run in August for the Cavernomas charity to raise money and awareness.

I don’t have many followers at all, but i’m trying my best to do something.

It’d mean a lot to him, his family and myself if you could visit my donation page here and donate, even the smallest amount will help <3

If you can’t donate, please reblog and spread the word, thankyou so much <3

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Give away!



All merch ranges from small to large. 

The iPhone and camera will also be included because I just got a new iPhone and got a new camera awhile ago, both are in A+ working conditions and chargers for both will be included.

You must be following me(Kim) and her(Courtney) in order to win, we will check!

NO give away blogs (A blog made specifically for giveaways)! We’ll be looking through your archive to make sure you aren’t a give away blog. 

Likes are allowed, but you must reblog at least three times as well. 

We’ll will ship world wide, there will be only one winner for all the merch. 

Ends December 1st, good luck! 

** Yes there is merch from previous giveaway, the winner did not wish to take specific merch so it is recycled in a new give away, their name and URL will remain disclosed at their own request to keep them from receiving hate **

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i swear to fucknig god, just about everyone i know went to warped today i aM SO PISSED

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Thanks WBC!


Thank you Westboro Baptist Church for the update on the total amount you donated to Human Rights Campaign today. $20X13= weak. We’re going to make it an even $1000. We will also be donating 5% of our total merch sales from this show to HRC.

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